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Blogging Tips – How to Advertise and Promote Your Blog

Many people like to blog but not all know that they can actually monetize their blog and earn some passive income along the way. There are different ways to promote and advertise one’s blog for a more productive writing endeavor. If you blog because you like to write and your contents are relevant and informative you will likely get more traffic on your site. However you can always get wider audience for your blog if you advertise and promote your site for better exposure on the web with these following blogging tips:

1. Use social media. There are many free article directory sites that allow you to post your articles and at the same time advertise your blog to get more audience. You can create a back link on your articles to take readers to your main site. In this way you can put your blog at higher footing from other webmasters. Among the popular social media sites are Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Mr. Wong, Twitter, and Facebook.

2. RSS Submission. Through an RSS feed you will be able to promote your blog site to others. There are many RSS submission sites that you can find on the web that allows you to submit your blog’s RSS feed and it gets published for promotion.

3. You can email other bloggers. This is one way to help you market your blog. Some bloggers are optimistic in leaving comments and ratings on your articles while you do same favor on theirs. Bloggers often work together in order to help generate traffic on their sites. This can be an effective way of marketing and promoting one’s website with mutual benefits to enjoy among bloggers.

4. Participate in discussion forums. You can always find other people’s articles that are of the same or related to your niche. Leave a comment and at the same time advertise your blog. You can use back links to take the reader to your site or provide them your blog’s URL if they would be interested to read your blog. You can leave a message like “to know more about this please visit < your blog’s URL>.

5. Social bookmarking sites. You can always bookmark your articles on these sites in order to obtain more publicity and visibility of your blog on the Internet. This is one way of getting better popularity of your blog site to the blogger community.

6. Use your blog site for email signature. This is one way to get more visitors on your blog site. Use site links in your email signature as a means of giving a boost on your site promotion.

7. Make sure to find time to do all these blogging tips in order to obtain more traffic on your blog site. Blogging for money is a good way of earning extra dough but it entails effort in marketing and promoting your blog site in order to gain more popularity and to reach wider audience. It is a pleasurable experience to see your articles rank high on the search engine if you write relevant content which web users will be interested to know.

Home Based Business Tax Advantages

Home based business can help you at tax time. Most governments offer tax incentives for people who work at home. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to pursue alternate income generating enterprises. When the economy is in trouble entrepreneurship flourishes. Governments recognize the value contributed to sagging economies by owners of a home based business.The tax advantages will vary somewhat between governments but generally most incentives are available for traditional business as well as the home entrepreneur. Home based tax advantages are also available in most instances. Overall family income can be reduced by deducting a portion of most household expenses.Allowable deductions include a portion of the property taxes, mortgage interest, utilities, Internet service and phone costs. Household deductions are usually based on a the space utilized for conducting your business activities. If your work space is 10% of your home square footage you can claim that percent amount of your home maintenance costs as a deduction.Advertising costs and travel expenses related to the business are usually 100% deductible costs for a home based business. Keep your receipts for all your business related office supplies like pens, paper, ink for your printer, log books, stamps, accounting programs and any other tools you use to build your home based business.Most Internet business opportunity affiliate programs will do about half of your accounting for you. They normally keep track of your sales and your commissions. It is up to you to keep track of all your business expenses.Every Province and State has their own allowable tax deductions for those people who work at home. It isĀ  well worth your time to investigate what your tax body will allow. Tax advantages and deductions can help to reduce the amount of taxes that you have to pay. If you have not already learned about the incentives available then take the time now to find our how you can benefit with your home based business.